How we make your experience simple and rewarding…

Selling your home is an important life event.

We’re able give stress free service because we focus on solving problems for you. Here’s the principles the Claridges team stands for:


The most important part of choosing a real estate agent is finding someone you can trust completely. We’re open, communicative and professional in the advice and support we give you.


We endeavour to treat all parties as we want to be treated ourselves.

Real Estate BethlehemCustomised to suit you

We’re small and we’re not a franchise bound by silly rules. That means were flexible and able to tailor the sale process to your specific needs.

Only high quality advertising

We simply won’t run small, hard to view ads. Claridges has built a reputation for distinguished advertising.

Home BuyingEvery property advertisement has quality layout, design, and message. Your home will be presented in a superior manner that will attract buyers to your home.

We don’t charge you twice

We’ll reimburse your newsprint advertising expenses. Whatever you contribute towards newsprint advertising costs, we will return once your home sells.

You’re in the loop

This is a big moment in your life, so we make sure you receive all the communication you want. We’ll let you know a buyers thoughts every time we take them through or the response to an open home. We’ll also keep you up to date with reports.

You get the whole team

We’re a small tight family of real estate specialists, and we work together to get results for our clients. We have an open and collaborative team.

No surprises

This is a big step in your life, and it can be a nervous experience when you’re selling your most valuable possession. We don’t take that lightly. And we’re going to keep you up to speed on everything.

Rules of Conduct