Assistance from a Buyer’s Agent

The term ‘Buyer’s Agent’ refers to the practice of selecting a sales person from a Real Estate Agency to act on your behalf in the process of trying to find a property to buy.

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A good buyer’s agent will be able to guide you through all the pitfalls of purchasing a property, and make the job of finding your next home easier.

They’ll give you good, qualified knowledge and be able to guide you to seek alternative advice where necessary.

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Buyer's Agent

A buyer’s agent helps with their knowledge of the area you’re looking at. This can be very helpful if you are living away from the area, are short on time, or just in an area that is new to you.


It’s important you use an agent you can trust to put your interests first, as the selection of properties you look at may often be in their hands. Of course, if you also see properties advertised of interest to you, the buyer’s agent will include these in the list of properties to view.


Your agent needs a good understanding of your likes and dislikes. They need regular meetings with you as you go through the process of looking at properties, and as your criteria adjust to your purchase needs.

Claridges as your agent

Several members of the Claridges team offer services as buyer’s agent. If you’re interested in discussing this further, please get in touch via the Claridges receptionist on 07 579 1490 or the Manager Robyn Mayne, on 07 552 5921 to put you in touch with the salesperson most suited to assist your particular property search.

The technical side

When selecting a buyer’s agent there are some basic rules amongst Real Estate Companies that you need to be aware of.

The rules between real estate companies state that the buyer’s agent must clearly make the first contact with the company that has the listing you are interested in, on behalf of the customer. So it’s very important that you bring any listings you’re interested in, to your buyer’s agent to make arrangements for you to view these listings that are listed with other companies.

Your buyer’s agent’s job is to contact the companies that have listings, arrange appointment times and negotiate on your behalf. If you directly approach the listing company, your buyer’s agent will be cut out and can no longer work on your behalf with that company.

Most real estate companies have an agreed commission sharing should they end up taking a customer through each other’s listings.

Your Buyer’s Agent may show you another company’s listing that you really like. They will get a pre-arranged commission share in the sale of the property should you buy it.

This will not disadvantage you as the purchaser in any way as the commission the vendor pays is the same whether it goes entirely to the listing company or is shared between two companies in a conjunctional sale.

So in summary, the Buyer’s Agent arrangement can be hugely beneficial to you as it establishes a solid relationship with just one real estate agent who gets to know you well, can give you an educated opinion on all the positives and negatives of the properties you are viewing and saves you time re the making of appointments and fielding calls from a large number of agents if you were to deal directly with them.