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Otumoetai Real Estate
Central Tauranga suburbs with options for everyone

Including: Bellevue, Brookfield Cheerywood, Bureta, Pillans and Matua suburbs.

Otumoetai is an established central Tauranga suburb, with a wide range of housing and school options. It’s located centrally to the city’s main areas and has a good range of parks and clubs.

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Property Guide

Cherrywood, TaurangaIf you’re after housing, you’ll probably be able to find what you’re looking for in the area because of the wide range available. There are the big views and the water front properties which are obviously high dollar vale. Then it goes right down to low priced two bedroom homes.

The community has both older people and younger families that are drawn by the schools. The real estate around the schools is often sought after by people who want to be near them.

Prices range from $1,000,000 right down to $250,000.

Houses date from the 1900’s through to newer homes. Lots of development went on in the 1970’s and we have good numbers solid weather board and brick homes from then.

It’s a great area to look in if you’re after a character home. The one type of home you might struggle to find is brand new. There are a few newer areas, but not many. There’s also not many bare sections these days as most have been developed over the years.

Other than those types you can find everything here in the wide range available.

Section sizes vary. It is possible to find the classic ‘quarter acre’ but these are rarer. In the 90’s there was a lot of infilling where bigger sites were split up and a second house was built.

Homes are in various conditions. Some older homes are done up and others are in various stages of renovation.

Otumoetai Homes


Homes in TaurangaIf you’re looking to buy it’s important to get a good feel for the area. I recommend you spend some time driving around so you can get to know the area. See the differences between the suburbs and where things are located.

Figure out what you’re looking for: section size, flat or or hilly, house size and what you want to be located near to. Make a priority list.

After that you want to get someone who knows the area. Get that person to give you guidance on what you’ll be able to get within your guidelines and what level of house you’ll be buying.

Otumoetai Property


It’s very important to get your pricing right when you’re selling.

Selling Real EstateValuers and agents look for similar homes to yours, that recently sold, to help them price your home. The very wide range of houses in the greater Otumoetai area can make this difficult. It can be hard to find a home that is just like yours, especially when similar homes might sell for very different prices depending on the area you are in.

The market does vary between the different areas so there are variations to take into account.

Have a good look around and what’s on the market. Importantly get someone who knows the area well to give you a valuation. Don’t gloss over this. Take the time to compare your home and see where it fits into market value.

All the time spent on getting the pricing right is well worth it, as it will help you to get the best possible price for your home.

The method of sale you choose should be driven by the current market rather than just where you’re located.

General Info


Otumoetai is a central Tauranga suburb located between Bethlehem and the CBD. People offer refer to the surrounding suburbs as part of Otumoetai, so for this guide we are including, Bellevue, Brookfield, Judea, Cherrywood, Bureta, Pillans and Matua.

The central location means you can be in down town Tauranga in five minutes and over at the Mount beaches in ten. There’s also easy access south or north of the city.


Otumoetai AgentThe neat thing about the greater Otumoetai area is it pretty well suits everyone. From the smaller first home, then upgrading to a little bit bigger, up to large waterfront homes.

Cherrywood is a flatter area at the north end of Otumoetai, and that has a lot of two bedroom homes for the aging part of our population.

The area has a community based feel, it’s certainly not pretentious. A lot of activity is based around the schools.

The greater Otumoetai area has a wide range of parks, notably Fergussen Park. There are clubs for sailing, bowls, tennis, soccer and more.


Otumoetai Garden The Otumoetai area has a large New World supermarket in Brookfield which is surrounded by small shops. There’s also the Cherrywood shopping centre as well as shops in Buretta and Matua.

It’s also just a few minutes from the CBD with all of the options available there.

Otumoetai College is Tauranga’s largest school and is well regarded as a coed college. Feeding into that you have Otumoetai Intermediate just down the road. For primary schools you have, Bellevue, Brookfield, Otumoetai and Pillans Point.

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