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The Avenues Tauranga Real Estate

City living in Tauranga

The Avenues is the Tauranga suburb next to the CBD and in the heart of the city. It offers established housing in a range of price brackets and in a premiere location.

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Property Guide

Memorial ParkThe Avenues are the closest suburb to the Tauranga CBD.

For this guide we’re saying the area covers from Chapel Street, along Takitimu Drive, to the hospital and down to Turret Road.

The area is very much city living. The housing is intense compared to the rest of Tauranga. There’s been a lot of infill, so homes can be quite close together. You’re closer to town so the value of the land is higher and they’re making the most of the land by keeping section sizes smaller.

There are lots of flats and apartment living, including the Devonport and Kingsview towers. There are different types of apartment blocks through the area.

There’s not much in the way of big new homes on large sections with big garages. However there are a lot of beautiful character homes in the area. Being so close to town means prices are a little higher, and you’ve going to need a bit more budget to buy in this area.


Homes in TaurangaThe age of homes in the area goes back to the early 1900s, and then on go throughout the years of Tauranga’s development, as this was obviously the original suburb as its closest to the city centre.

Price ranges vary hugely. You’re looking around $280,000 to $300,000 at the bottom end for a two bedroom unit, and you’d be lucky to find one at that price. Then at the top end you’re looking at up to $2,000,000 for a penthouse in the towers and $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 for a home on the fronts along Devonport Rd.

There are some businesses operating out of homes in parts of the Avenues, so you might want to check what is around the home you’re looking at to make sure that there’s not a business there that you don’t want to be near to.

As always, I advise buyers to be prepared. Have a good idea why you want to be in this area and what the criteria are for the house you want to buy. The Avenues are quite a competitive area to buy in as it’s so sort after. If you want to buy here, you need to be on your toes.

Once you’ve got your criteria, take a good look around the Avenues so you get to know the area. Team up with a good agent who can help you to find what you’re looking for.

The Avenues Tauranga Real Estate


Selling Real Estate
The Avenues is a good area so present your home well. Presentation is always important, and in this area I would say make sure you present it in the character of the home. Get a good agent and market it right with a good marketing campaign.

Prices in Tauranga have been relatively stable. Prices in the Avenues can be a little bit more volatile as they’re closer to the CBD and more reactive the market place.

As mentioned there are businesses operating from homes in the Avenues, so if you’re in a high traffic area there may be an opportunity to market your home as a business option when you’re selling.

General Guide

The Avenues TaurangaThere are lots of pros to living in the area. You’re very close to town, which is great for working in the city or getting to schools. There are very good amenities in the area, in particular you’re close to the excellent Memorial Park.

Schools in the area include Tauranga boys, Tauranga Girls, Primary and Intermediate and Saint Marys Catholic School.

What type of housing you’re looking for will change whether you see The Avenues housing as a pro or a con. As mentioned, there is not much in the way of big new homes on large sections with big garages. But there are many beautiful character homes.

There are quite a few infill businesses in the Avenues. You’ll have a business running out of a house between other residential homes. Fraser St and Cameron Rd are examples of where you will see this. Busier roads with more profile and traffic going past tend to have more businesses on them. They’re still under strict supervision of the council, but it’s something that they’re allowing to be part of the community.

The Avenues - Historic Village


Amenities in the area include the boat club and the Tauranga marina. There is the Domain, bowling greens, tennis club and rowing club. Historic village is a great place to visit for a cut of the old world. This is quite a green area as it’s well established with plenty of big trees. Memorial Park is fantastic large park with the playground, swimming pool and it’s own little railway system. For walking and biking there is the Daisy Hardwick track around the Waikareao Estuary.

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