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Here’s a look at how the Tauranga market performed in 2015 and what we can expect heading into 2016. Read the article or watch the video…

Market conditions in Tauranga

The last year has been a roller coaster ride with the number of homes selling varying wildly. There were 202 sales in May, it was down in June, back up to 216 in July, back down to the mid hundreds in August and September, then October and November were back up to around the 200 mark. There are still a lot of purchasers around. It seemed a little quieter in November, but since then there has been more activity.

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Tauranga house prices 2015Here’s the first market update of the new year. We’ve got the usual look a sales numbers, price brackets and things to look out for whether you’re a seller, a buyer or both.

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Tauranga Real Estate Market Update Spring 2014We’re moving into spring and taking another look at the real estate market in Tauranga. This time we cover house prices along with the effects of spring and the election.

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Tauranga real estate pricesHere’s the latest update on the Tauranga real estate market. We cover whether house prices are really rising, the effects of Reserve Bank’s loan rules, the number of homes sold and the opportunities for buyers and sellers.

As always, you can watch the video or if you prefer, read the article. Graphs are also included below.
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