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Renovate real estateWorking out how a renovation will affect the sale of your property is a complicated business. Not surprisingly, agent’s have a mix of views on this.

Our team dives into the details in the video. You can also read the article below which is compiled from the various points they make.

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Preparing your home for the market in TaurangaHome sellers are often surprised at how much difference they can make to the price their home sells for, just by doing the little things to improve it’s appearance.

You want your home to be seen in the best light possible when you launch it onto the market and get all the initial “honeymoon” attention.

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Tauranga Real Estate PricingThe most important aspect when selling your home is the pricing.

It’s well worth spending the time to make sure you get the pricing right.

When you first got to market it’s a time called the honeymoon period. The house is fresh, there are eager buyers, and no one has preconceived ideas about the house. There’s none of the negativity that might come to a house that’s been on the market a long time.
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Robyn Mayne
by Robyn Mayne

When you’re selling your home, one of the most crucial factors is picking a salesperson who is right for you.

Here are seven key characteristics you should look for…

1. Trust and Honesty

Most importantly you want someone who you can trust and is honest with you. There’s a lot at stake, so you need to be certain your agent has integrity.

2. Comfortable

You’ll spend a fair amount of time talking with your agent and making arrangements. You don’t want it to be someone who makes you uncomfortable.

3. People skills

The whole process of selling a home is about dealing with people. Both buyer and seller are making a lot of emotional decisions. Good people skills are essential for a smooth sale.
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