Getting offers: a guide for sellers in TaurangaGetting an offer is the hard part. All the work and planning has led to this point. What do you do when you get your first offer?

The first offer

As the saying goes, the first offer is often the best offer. While this isn’t always true, it very often is the case.

The property is fresh to the market, it has the greatest flow of people looking through the house. There’s also no negative perceptions of the house. After two or three months people start commenting asking what’s wrong with a property that hasn’t sold. The first few weeks are a very positive time, often leading the best offer.

Evaluating offers

It’s important to get yourself ready before the first offer comes in so you’re prepared for how you’re going to deal with it. Your agent should help you with what price you expect to get, and what you will do with various offer points.

Once you get a good offer, it’s up to the agent to work for you to get the most you can from the purchaser.

The common thing to do when you get a good early offer is to get carried away thinking there will be lots more offers that are even better. This is not usually the case. We have plenty of stories of people who turned down the first offer and ended up selling months later for a lower price.

If the offer is close to the top end of your expected sale price then you should think very seriously about taking it.

Of course there are exceptions and every home is unique. This is where your agent should help you arrive at a decision that works for you.

Sell your home

Good preparation and pricing should get you in position to get a good offer. Talk to us about making a plan to sell your home for the best possible price.

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