Preparing your home for the market in TaurangaHome sellers are often surprised at how much difference they can make to the price their home sells for, just by doing the little things to improve it’s appearance.

You want your home to be seen in the best light possible when you launch it onto the market and get all the initial “honeymoon” attention.

Here’s our best tips for getting your house ready to present to the market. Check out the video or the list below…

1. Cleanup

Buyers will make assumptions about your house based on the cleanliness they see.

2. De-clutter

De-cluttering makes your house look bigger and tidier. You want to make the house look simple, open and big.

3. Start packing

You’re going to be moving anyway, so you might as well start packing away a few personal things. That makes it easier for buyers to imagine it as their place, with their furniture and items in it.

4. Remove the quirks

You don’t want any furnishings to put off people with different tastes. Aim to make your home appealing to the tastes of the general public.

5. But don’t dehumanise

You don’t need to remove all your stuff to the point that the house doesn’t look like you live there.

6. Do maintenance

Those little jobs around the place that you’ve been meaning to get to… now’s the time to get them sorted.

7. Paint

Do any painting that needs attention

8. Wash the ceilings

It’s a simple job that makes your home look much better.

9. Clean fly marks off

Again they make a place look ugly, but they’re simple to deal with.

10. Get rid of mould

Mould is a really bad look. You don’t want buyers to think your house has a dampness problem. Be on the lookout for any mould, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

11. Hide any animal smells

For those people that don’t have animals, they don’t want to be smelling yours in the house.

12. Outside

Outside your home is also really important. The first impression potential buyers get will be of the outside of your home

13. Moss

Clean moss and mould off the roof, driveway and decks. Moss makes a place look like it’s damp and cold.

14. Entrance

Pay special attention to the entrance and front door. These places are especially important for creating an impression. If there’s sun damage or peeling paint, get it attended to.

15. Shading trees

Consider removing or pruning trees that shade the house.

16. Cut the grass

Cutting the grass makes a very big difference. It really tidys a place up, and makes the outside look bigger.

17. Gardening

Give the gardens a weed and a general tidy up.

18. Gutters

Clear out the gutterings. Gutters that are full make a house look like it’s not maintained.

Worth doing

If the little things are not maintained it may attract the attention of the building inspector.

Buyers will also wonder what bigger problems there are if you haven’t kept up with the little things.

Most of the actions on this list are fairly small jobs but they can make a big difference to how quickly your home sells and how much you get for it.

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How to sell your Tauranga home


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