Short Biography

Until 2017, holding off to take the plunge into self-employment , I wanted to re-direct my career into a community-minded industry that would complement my entrepreneurial desires, sales skills & property interest. After having made the popular move to the Tauranga region in 2016, it made me realise the requirements for sellers to have a focused & thorough agent to get their house sold for a price they are happy with, having considered all potential markets. Likewise it made me realize that buyers, from local’s re-sizing, newcomers re-homing to busy investors, often require professional assistance to find a suitable house in the market within their budgets. Real Estate has always been in my mind and I am glad to have finally made the plunge into commission based work under a great leadership and brand.

I am a multi-cultural person, having lived overseas and have friends from around the world. I know the Bay of Plenty will be the most amazing place to raise my future family. I love the landscape, the people, the outdoors, the Kai Moana, the variety of sports and the climate.