When I was 20 years  old I bought my first home. It was a feeling of excitement , anxiety and apprehension . However, not one to be defeated I then worked as a waitress at night holding down two jobs to afford to renovate it and add some value.

The first task was to ensure what I did was to really add value so I wasn’t wasting hard earned cash. The property had been a rental home. So it needed a mini makeover , nothing grand just some appeal.

1. Research
I researched what buyers want . What are the lastest trends and colours and consulted agents before I went too wild with my ideas.

2. Curb appeal
I lifted pavers and added a nice tropical garden to the front of the property. A cluster of palms and succulents added a real appeal and it was also therapeutic as I had no money for a  holiday.

3. Updates that are low cost
My kitchen was dated  but still functional . I had the doors resprayed in white and handles replaced to silver . That looked amazing so I continued my vibe and enthusiasm into the bathroom and laundry.

4. Keep motivated
To keep my 20 year old self-motivated I took before and after photos.  And I still have these even today. The transformation so far was very exciting so I kept going.

5. Repaint
Colour consultants will be your best friend. I spent so much time in store they thought I wanted a job. I repainted on the weekends until I had completed the house. The neutral look as fresh and easy to add natural materials with like cotton and linen. Again it was a major transformation.

I obtained a fresh appraisal for my home. The value added was significant and it enabled me to upgrade to another property. Would I do it again…absolutely.

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Kate Evaroa

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